OUR MISSION is to set new milestones in the world of medical care.

In today’s world, telemedicine is enabling cost efficient improvement in the quality of medical care for patients. The challenges of health services are well known – the life span of today’s population is increasing and chronic diseases are on the rise. As a response, there is a demand for innovative and sustainable solutions which are not only an advancement of health care as we know it, but also economically viable.


We are convinced that telemedicine is the answer to this question. We have already demonstrated the possibility to improve the overall quality of life while simultaneously lowering the cost of medical care for patients with cardiac disorders long term. As a result of this success, we have developed further health care and support programs for patients with chronic diseases such as COPD and Diabetes. As the industry leader in telemedicine services of Germany, SHL Telemedicine was able to promote this development by working closely with partners of clinic, practice, and sponsors significantly. We are determined to continuously establish telemedicine as a recognized class of medical care, and we pride ourselves in defining quality standards.


Our expertise and core competency lies in the telemedicine care of chronically ill patients. We benefit from over twenty years of experience and more than half a million patients from our parent company SHL Telemedicine. Our future work includes developing the advantages of telemedicine to expand further into other pathologies. The emphasis of our work lies in the enhancement of the medical care we provide our patients whose main indications are coronary heart disease, chronic heart failure, and chronic obstructive lung disease. In these initiatives, we can guarantee the utmost quality of our telemedicine care programs and technical solutions. The next milestones have been set!


The SHL service reduces the response time to receive emergency treatment during a suspected heart attack by half, to two hours - and saves lives.

*The American Journal of Cardiology, Volume 89, Issue 7 Pages 791-796; R. Goldberg. Source: European Health Journal, Independent Study on the Impact of SHL, 1995

SHL telemedicine service doubles the chances of survival during the first year after experiencing a heart attack.

*The Israeli Heart Society (ACSIS), April 2007; accepted for publication to the European Heart Journal. 1 ACSIS population 2,899 – age 63 +/- 13. 2 Shahal population 699 – age 69 +/- 11.