The smartheart device has been developed to process electrocardiographic signals so that they can be digitally transferred from a bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet from any remote location. Our patients can submit 12 lead ecg data to our telemedicine center in real time by using the smartheart and a cardiac rhythm strip. This is where the evaluation of the results is followed by a prompt diagnosis from our health care providers. The total amount of time it takes to transfer a complete 12 lead ECG is approximately 30 seconds.



Please follow the instructions provided in the app. You will be able to use your smartheart in just a few moments.


Use a wet towel to moisten the body parts that come into contact with the electrodes.


Place the smartheart in the center of your chest. Position the belt in a way that all the electrodes are on your bare skin and ensure that the belt is strapped firmly. Set the waist electrode on the same height as your waistline on your bare skin, halfway between your tummy button and your left hip.


You can begin to transfer the ECG once you are ready. Make sure that your phone has bluetooth turned on. Now, turn on the smartheart by pressing and holding down the “ON” button until you see the heart symbol lighting up.


Open the app on your phone or tablet and press “Record ECG”. You will be asked whether you’ve noticed any symptoms. Take your time in providing this information. If your smartheart has been placed on your skin correctly, you will see all the electrodes appear on your screen in green – this indicates that they are in contact. If one of the electrodes is not, it will be displayed in red. Any information will be in an orange circle.


Once you are ready to transfer your ECG, take a seat and slightly lean back. Place both of your hands in your lap and hold your arms gently to both sides of your body. Make sure that your inner arms are touching the outer lying electrodes of the belt and that the smartheart is positioned flat on your chest. Press “Start ECG”. The app will inform you when the ECG was transmitted successfully.


Your ECG will be evaluated within 30 seconds and you will promptly receive medical advice from the telemedicine center. We will assure that you are taking appropriate measures and will discuss the next steps with you. Upon request, we can also share your signals with your primary care physician.