Sufferers of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) know the feeling of difficulty in breathing and impaired performance. Although this respiratory disease is incurable, it can be stabilized through a combination of a targeted treatment provided by a primary care physician and a specialist, as well as the patient’s cooperation. The aim is to prevent future acute decline as well as avoidable and straining hospitalisation. This will contribute to gaining control over the disease and retrieve an overall higher quality of life.

Our patients receive a scale, a blood pressure monitor, and a modem. Their vitals are transmitted to the telemedicine center on a scheduled, daily basis and the data will automatically be recorded in the patient’s electronic file. If the values deviate from the patient’s individual thresholds, an alarm will be triggered and the patient will be contacted by the medical providers to clarify the cause. Furthermore, patients can expect an immediate response in case of weight gain caused by water retention that occurs when medication is taken irregularly. Additionally, the patients within the Zertiva® program are regularly contacted and surveyed. Training courses about nutrition, exercise, and pharmacotherapy complete the program.

  • 24/7 Availability, 365 days per year
  • Patient trainings
  • Minimum of one quarterly doctor’s visit
  • Medical history and medication documentation
  • Doctor appointments and hospitalizations documentation
  • Emergency management
  • Reports triggered by routines and occurrences sent to medical partners
  • Blood sugar measurement profile according to your PCP or specialist’s guidelines (minimum twice per week)
  • Nurse call
  • Portable glucometer to submit blood sugar levels regularly
  • Live contact support from the telemedicine center in case of abnormal blood glucose levels

The “Infarkt Paxiva” module is aimed toward various forms of cardiac arrhythmia and coronary heart diseases; respectively, for heart-surgery or catheter-based interventions. Our patients receive a user-friendly 12 lead ECG device which allows them to forward their cardioid patterns to the telemedicine center, where it is immediately evaluated by our specialists.

SHL Telemedicine enables you to transmit your vital signs through your ECG device immediately – at any time given time that you may notice symptoms throughout the day and at night. You will receive instant feedback to your ECG during this same phone call. Our medical providers will be able to tell you if it was a false alarm, or in case of an emergency, they will contact the rescue center.

Telemedicine care programs have already proven their significance for a range of pathologies. Our biggest priority and medical care program focus lies in each of our patients’ individual phone support. In order to continuously observe and evaluate the patient’s condition even more reliably, this is supported by regular telemonitoring of vital signs. Each care program contains telemedicine devices appropriate to the indication.

The core of our company

Our telemedicine center is the core of our work. This is where the regular, personalized healthcare services and support for our customers take place over the phone.

Our doctors and healthcare providers are available at any day and hour, including during public holidays and at nighttime. Our experts and specialists are specifically trained and qualified to work in the field of telemedicine.

We have time for you – so that you have time for your life

Your medical provider is available to you over the SHL Telephone Service 24 hours per day. Your provider will ask you specific questions in case of any uncertainties, chest pain, or other increasing symptoms and pains. You will be asked to transmit your ECG signals.

Our patients with cardiovascular illnesses as well as their families and loved ones will be able to enjoy life with less worry and physical complaints – whether at home, at work, while traveling, and more.