• 24/7 Availability, 365 days per year
  • Patient trainings
  • Minimum of one quarterly doctor’s visit
  • Medical history and medication documentation
  • Doctor appointments and hospitalizations documentation
  • Emergency management
  • Reports triggered by routines and occurrences sent to medical partners
  • Blood sugar measurement profile according to your PCP or specialist’s guidelines (minimum twice per week)
  • Nurse call
  • Portable glucometer to submit blood sugar levels regularly
  • Live contact support from the telemedicine center in case of abnormal blood glucose levels
  1. No measurement alarm – Text message reminder
  2. No measurement alarm – Phone call

Tele Glucometer

Our glucose meter determines the amount of glucose in your blood. In doing so, a small test strip containing a drop of a blood sample (e.g. coming from a fingertip) is inserted into the opening of the glucometer.


This monitor measures blood pressure.

Indication: Chronic heart failure


The Central Communication Module directly transmits the client’s measured data and parameters to the telemedicine center of SHL Telemedicine.


The Cardio’B is a portable 12-lead-ECG measuring device that measures ECG data in under one minute. The ECG rhythm is acoustically transmitted to the telemedicine center.

Indication: coronary diseases, cardiac arrhythmia