Sufferers of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) know the feeling of difficulty in breathing and impaired performance. Although this respiratory disease is incurable, it can be stabilized through a combination of a targeted treatment provided by a primary care physician and a specialist, as well as the patient’s cooperation. The aim is to prevent future acute decline as well as avoidable and straining hospitalization. This will create a sense of ease and security while handling COPD.


Telemedicine offers 24/7 accessibility and availability of an experienced group of doctors and medical experts – every day of the year, on weekends, during holidays – that are there for your needs. This means you can ask any questions related to your condition and receive medical advice at no cost.


Users are frequently asked to fill out a COPD assessment test (CAT) about their symptoms. This questionnaire can easily be accessed from a touch screen with a list of possible answers. Your answers will then be automatically forwarded to the telemedicine center.

  • You will receive the portable spirometer (and an oxygen meter if necessary) delivered to your house free of charge.
  • Once the devices are connected to a modem, your pulmonary function ratios (FEV1, FVC, FEV1/FVC, PEF, and MMEF 75/25 resp. SaO2) will automatically be transmitted to the telemedicine center.
  • The patients will be informed in case of abnormal pulmonary function ratios.
  • Your medical history and medications will continuously be documented in an electronic case file (MROL).
  • With your consent, your primary care physician and specialist may frequently be updated on the course of your condition.
  • The health care providers at the telemedicine center are available day and night, and will answer any questions related to your respiratory ailment.
  • Additionally, you will receive frequent updates and information regarding your condition under patient guidelines.

Telemeledicine Console

This console provides the structured questionnaires regarding your health condition with immediate evaluation and direct, specific instructions (e.g. “Minesota” survey for CHF or CAT7-survey for COPD)
Indication: : e.g. chronic respiratory diseases


The telebreather measures and submits the pulmonary function parameters.
Indication: chronic respiratory diseases

TelePulse Oximeter

The oxygen meter measures the oxygen level in your blood and heart rate.

Indication: e.g. chronic respiratory diseases.


The Central Communication Module directly transmits the client’s measured data and parameters to the telemedicine center of SHL Telemedicine.